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Your Music Takes Flight on the Wings of Raven Audio!Raven Audio combines the best of classic tube design with contemporary technology, materials and composites to achieve a wideband, engaging, fulfilling and extremely musical sound. Raven Audio components bring the added dimensions of emotion and excitement, a nearness to the music that makes everything breathtakingly real. The clarity, air, sound-staging, sheer palpability and smooth frequency response allows listeners to easily suspend disbelief and fall into the music in a completely visceral way.

Raven Audio – 2017

2017 will be a completely different type of year for Raven Audio. It will also be a completely new page in the story that is Raven Audio. It will be life-changing for this high-end, high-quality consumer audio electronics business.

We will undergo quite a few changes. Some of those changes have already started. We are currently moving into a new larger facility that will allow us both to grow our manufacturing ability and to show off our new and existing products with other brands. The new building is both a store and a manufacturing & packaging facility.

Probably the most important news of all is that we will be adding new faces and therefore slightly changing for the better, some of the personal flavors in the overall taste that has been succinct and synonymous with the brand. Raven Audio is finally 100% Texas, USA - designed, owned and manufactured. It will take some time to fully pull this off. But we will~!

We will bring in some fresh new blood by seeking out a brilliant young college-educated vacuum tube loving analog circuit designer to spice things up. They will be responsible for all of the new product circuit design, manufacturing and assembly line, parts procurement, and will be the General Manager of the new Raven Audio.

Secondly we have brought in new business and financial management partners - Marc Trotter and Tim & Connie Qualls. Marc is recently retired from Bristol Myers Squibb as a sales manager and will help us with marketing and sales. Tim is a life-long musician, an excellent drummer, and Connie has extensive experience in small business ownership and management.

Raven Audio has a new home!

Raven Audio's New Home Theater RoomThe new store will keep 3 to 5 two-channel systems set up at all times, and also has a large home theater. We have teamed up with several well-known and well-regarded brands that will enable our customers to spend time with a large array of speakers, turntables, DAC’s, and high quality cables as well as home theater components. We will also do home theater installation and offer turn-key construction. Since we also own a construction company we will be able to add a new building for your home, or can remodel your existing home to install one.

Having this fully operational listening facility will really help potential owners know how our amplifiers can sound with a variety of different sources, cables and speakers before they finally decide which one to take one home with them.

Transportation and lodging arrangements should be made with Raven Audio Texas at least a week or two prior to your arrival at the new facility - so we will know your preferences ahead of time and be able to cater to your listening choices and ensure your comfort.

Onalaska Store Showroom SeatingAs in 2016 we again consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to team up with Legacy Audio of Springfield Illinois, the American artists responsible for a fantastic lineup of some of the world’s best audiophile grade and consumer level loudspeaker systems.

We already have many of Legacy Audio’s top speakers on display at our new Onalaska store. They include the Aeris, Focus SE, Signature HD, Studio HD, and the brand new Calibre~!

For home theater we also have the new wall-mounted Silhouette speakers, the Silhouette Center Channel, the slightly smaller but matching style Pixels, Deco and of course Metro sub-woofers.

Cables at the Raven Audio shop will be supplied by fellow Texan Douglas Ashworth of Douglas Connection (.com) of Austin. Doug has a large variety of speaker, interconnect, and power cables available for you of all price levels. His cables are unbeatable for the price points he sells them at. And they are built right here IN TEXAS too, just like us~!!!

Antique Tube GearThe thought of having one personally hand-crafted turntable by the famous local Texas/Hawaiian artist Joshua Miles of JWM Acoustics in our store is just an incredible honor for me. To be able to offer them to our customers is just unbelievable! You must see and touch his work in person to comprehend just how lucky we are to be able to do this! Joshua is a rare craftsman of incredible talent and intellect and I am so glad to be able to call him a friend. I have always dreamed of being able to do this, now it is a reality, so do yourself a favor and come by and see why I am so excited about this.

Our home theater will for 2017 feature Emotiva multi-channel preamplifiers and amplification, and an Oppo-105 Blue Ray disc player. Currently we have a 9.2.1 system with Legacy Audio speakers throughout.

Dave Thomson and Bill Dudleston at RMAF 20162017 is also the “Year of the Eagles” as we finally complete the Avian Series product lineup by formally introducing the new 2017 Raven Audio Eagle and Golden Eagle Integrated Amplifiers. These beautiful new integrated amps will be available for sale sometime in late May or June, along with the much-anticipated Cirrus Line Stage Preamplifier which is a two-chassis machined anodized aluminum hand wired member of the Elite Series that sells for an unbelievably reasonable price for an heirloom grade product.

So! This will be quite a year for Raven Audio, with many changes and upgrades scheduled for the brand as we step up onto the world stage. Our products are already some of the best sounding on the planet. Now we are finally ready to tell the world. When we do, we must be able to handle the response. That is our plan for 2017! Thanks to all of our current customers for believing in us. We hope we have done our part in bringing you some of the best sound possible. One thing is for certain…

Your Music Takes Flight on the Wings of Raven Audio!

Most Sincerely,
Dave Thomson
CEO Raven Audio

System 3 Listening Nook (Avian)System 1 Listening Nook (Elite)System 2 Listening Nook (Elite Series)

The Raven Audio Community

Dave Thomson, CEO Raven Audio Dave Thomson, CEO

Dave and Raven Audio manufactures its amplifiers and preamps in a new facility in Onalaska, Texas.  Dave was once a professional musician, singer and songwriter with a background in structural design. He started his own design, engineering and construction firm and sold the company to concentrate on Raven Audio.

Dave is a tube aficionado of the first order and keeps a stock of classic NOS tubes as well as more commercially-available modern tubes at the Raven Audio facility. Feel free to call Dave about your Raven product and what a change of tubes can do for you.

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