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Ron Nagle,

"I wish I could keep the Raven Silhouette MK2, but it is out of my reach. To me a natural sounding wide open sound stage is first and foremost on a list of must haves. I will remember the wonderful wide dimensional sound that fills my room. It is expensive, but it is so very hard to return to a lesser land of mere mediocrity."

Audio Network

John Gatski, Everything Audio Network

"Like old Mac MC30s, the Raven Osprey is perfect for stand speakers; the Legacy Studio HDs and the Amphions really shined — with a spot-on bass/treble balance and a golden, sparkling top end."

Mark Pearson, Positive Feedback Online

"All Raven gear shares something in common, and that is the ability to reproduce music in such a way that it never fails to put a smile on your face and let you relax as the music washes over you. There is something intrinsically "right" about the sound of Raven gear..."

Steve Huff,

"Here I am right now, listening to the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE . . . and the sound just floats around me . . . the vocals are as pure as pure can be, uber realistic and haunting. This sound is BEAUTIFUL and does indeed beat my $10,000 McIntosh MA-8000 when it comes to that sound. In fact, I would say that if you were looking for a great tube integrated, I have never heard any better up to $6500 and it sounds VERY similar to the Audio Research VSi75 that comes in at nearly $10k, but with more authority."

Terry London,

"The Cirrus, based on its beautiful rendering of both color and space, is a music lover's type of preamplifier. When mated with either tube or solid-state amplifiers and a variety of musical genres, the Cirrus always just got out of the way of what the amplifier was doing. However, it provided what great tube-based preamplifiers provide--which is more "flesh on the bones," giving individual players a lifelike palpability, along with a more realistic tonality and color than any solid-state-based preamplifiers can provide."

The enthusiast's audio webzine

Patrick Dillon,

"What the Blackhawk LE offers is truly excellent sonics, a solid and visually pleasing design, low maintenance, and a responsive, contactable manufacturer who will cheerfully assist you in getting the results you want from your system. In a world of mass-marketed, cookie-cutter products, the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE offers something a little different, and in my view, something a whole lot better. Definitely recommended."

Don Cameron, Raven Audio Customer

"I am totally blown away by the Nighthawk. The warmth and clarity is astonishing. I have had my vinyl collection for forty years, and had numerous amps to listen to. But listening to my vinyl now is like listening to it for the first time. I am hearing what I never knew was there. Totally amazing "

Jim Milton, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

"After several weeks of auditioning the Nighthawk MK2, I can say that it is musical, natural sounding, easy to operate, and has a major “coolness factor” with its array of glowing tubes. With the right speakers, you will never feel you lack power and you just might pull out some music that you shelved because the recordings sounded harsh. Raven Audio has quite a selection of preamps and amplifiers, and the Nighthawk MK2 is reasonable priced for the quality of construction and sound it offers. If you are interested in getting into tubes for the first time, the Nighthawk MK2 is a great choice. The fact that it is self biasing means you can “set it and forget it”. The Nighthawk MK2 will give your music wings!"

Mono & Stereo High-End Audio Magazine

"Comparing the new Nighthawk MK2 to the Blackhawk Limited Edition is a close task. The Blackhawk and Nighthawk are both excellent amplifiers, almost like two slightly different flavours cut from the same cake, one just ends up with a little more icing~! The Blackhawk features the same build with the addition of Tokyo Ko-on and antique NOS Allen Bradley resistors, and then there's the RavenCap audio capacitors! So they have a little more of punch and delineation to the instruments and vocals. Not necessarily better, just different. Quite different!"

Mark Pearson, Positive Feedback Online

"I'm pretty sure the sound of Raven Audio is the sound that many of us are chasing after. This is the sound that makes you want to melt back into your favorite listening chair and forget about the day's troubles as the music washes over you and soothes your soul."

Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine

"I'm one of those listeners who believe there exist, among amplifiers, many different paths to glory—yet who has a special place in his heart for low-power, push-pull tube amps, especially monoblocks. A number of such models have impressed me over the years, and the realistically bold-sounding Raven Spirit Mk2 Monoblock has earned its place among them. Given that the Spirit Mono, even at $13,990/pair, is among the very better values in this heady field, and that Dave Thomson, like Leonard Cohen, is a man still working for your smile, I believe that this Raven deserves more than a second look and listen."

The enthusiast's audio webzine

Patrick Dillon,

"If you are looking for an entry to high-end sound with tubes, this one is a winner. For some, it will be all the amp they will need to build a great sounding system. I can’t help wonder, though: if this is their entry model, how good must those upper end designs sound?"

Terry London,

"When I first unpacked the Nighthawk integrated amplifier, it was hard for me to believe--based on its build quality and very attractive appearance--that this was Raven Audio's entry-level piece. However, the ultimate surprise was the sonic performance of this terrific music-making amplifier."

Jack Roberts,

"The first thing that hit me about sound of this preamp was that it was smooth and liquid with great tonal colors. I could listen to this preamp all day long and never tire of its sound."

11th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2014

"My first choice for product of the year awards has to go to the Raven Audio Reference Silhouette Reference monoblock tube amps. These are the amps that snapped me out of my solid state period and reinforced why I always loved the sound of good tube amplifiers. After a run of tube amps that drove me nuts trying to keep them up and running, I swore off tube preamps and amps for several years. Listening to the Silhouette Reference monoblocks snapped me back to reality."

Phillip Holmes,

"After getting accustomed to the Raven Reflection, other amps sounded decidedly polite and timid. Can an amp be “too dramatic” or “too powerful” sounding? I don’t see how it’s possible to create artificial drama without resorting to EQ and dynamic expander circuits, both missing in the Reflection. My conclusion then, is that the Reflection is an excellent sounding integrated amp, with plenty of power and flexibility."

Mark Pearson, Positive Feedback Online

"I immensely enjoyed my time with the Raven gear, and I shall miss what it brought to my system. Time after time as I sat in my chair listening to music come to life, I said to myself that the sound I was obtaining through the Silhouette Reference preamp and power amps is the sound that lots of audiophiles are chasing. I highly recommend you find a way to listen to Raven Audio products before you make a purchasing decision."

Terry London,

"The Shadow Reference preamplifier is extremely well built, beautiful in its appearance, and delivers a reference level of performance across the sonic spectrum. It produces some of the most natural timbres/tonality of any tube-based line stage that I have ever experienced. I strongly suggest you put this preamplifier on your audition list."