Nighthawk MK2 Integrated Amplifier

Nighthawk MK2 Integrated Amplifier

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Nighthawk Integrated Amplifier

We understand, you love music and you've just experienced a tubed audio system… and you’re in love. The richness, the closeness, the musicality of tube components is totally captivating. But how do you buy into the tubular lifestyle without breaking the bank? To begin you'll need speakers somewhere between 85 and 95dB efficient plus your favorite source components and… a Nighthawk!

The 20wpc Nighthawk Integrated is Raven Audio's entry-level amplifier, your taste of tubes on a budget. It handles digital and analog with a wideband, smooth, detailed and accurate sound.

The advantage of integrated amplifiers is the preamp and amplifier sections are built into one chassis resulting in shorter signal paths. It takes less space and eliminates the need for another set of cables. All Raven Audio integrates and amplifiers are self-biasing; you never have to adjust tubes for a perfect match.

The chassis is manufactured of sturdy 14-gauge carbon steel with an aircraft-grade aluminum faceplate plus a handsome small-signal tube plate on top. Even at this price Raven Audio doesn't skimp on quality; the handles are made of schedule-20 carbon steel with knobs machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.

The folded carbon steel plate gets a high-quality primer and several coats of high-grade automotive enamel that's baked and clear-coated several times with aircraft-grade sealant. The result is a deep, lustrous finish that looks elegant and sounds awesome.

Besides sounding wonderful, Raven Audio products have a sumptuous look and feel.

Features and Specifications

  • Output: 20wpc
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Speaker terminals: 4 and 8 ohm
  • Inputs: 6 single-ended RCA
  • Recommended speaker sensitivity: 85dB - 95dB
  • Dimensions: W 15.5" x D 14" x H 6.5"
  • Weight: 35lbs

Tube Complement

  • 2 x 12AT7 - Preamplifier stage
  • 2 x 12AT7 - Power amplifier first stage
  • 2 x 12AU7 - Phase inverter/driver
  • 4 x 6L6GC - Power tubes
  • Self-biasing

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