Osprey Integrated Amplifier
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Osprey Integrated Amplifier

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Osprey Integrated Amplifier

Take the popular and proven award-winning Nighthawk MK2 platform.  Include then all of the high performance upgrades that we used in the fabulous Blackhawk Limited Edition.  Then top of all that with 50% more power - to 30 watts per channel!  What you get is the newest member of the Avian Series integrated amplifiers – The Raven Audio Osprey Integrated!

The Osprey is at a performance level one can no longer consider to be entry level.  It is simply a high quality high-performance product that can grab onto the drivers in your speakers with 150% of the finesse and ability that the multi-award winning Nighthawk MK2 and Blackhawk LE have been doing for years.

After many requests for a little more power…  welcome into the high end audio world, the Osprey!

In a special pearl metallic white, or metallic pearl Jade, the Osprey is on a whole new level of beautiful.  It features even deeper bass promoted by a brand new Raven Audio proprietary power supply that keeps all of the tubes within an amazingly accurate 1% voltage drift.  This will make the preamp/driver tubes last even longer than designed.

The vocals jump out with a staggering realism that has been known to catch seasoned veteran audiophiles completely off-guard.  The deep clean and punchy bass notes fill the background and attach themselves to the crystal clean kick and snare drums almost exactly like live events can do.  It is an immediately apparent player in the high end audio field.  In its first few weeks it took the Texas audio scene by storm and is going to be quite a hit.  It takes even some of the most difficult to drive speakers and handles them with great authority in normal to mid-size banquet and living rooms where at first people said "no way" oh but yes....   way way! 

Of course 30 watts per channel still has its limits.  And its not going to throw a 82dB speaker around in a 700 square feet room.  But what it will do is take a 86-90dB speaker with (2) 15" bass drivers, (2) 6" midrange drivers, and a good 1" tweeter and fill a 350-800 square feet room with soaringly beautiful music that will satisfy even the most jaded veterans.  The Osprey integrated amplifier joins the Raven Audio family with good authority, and will absolutely have music lovers satisfied!  For this price we know of nothing out there that can touch it.  NOTHING!  Not at this price.