Raven Audio Components

Raven builds its products for the tubes-do-it-better community, combining the best of classic tube design with contemporary technology, materials and composites for a wideband, engaging, fulfilling, extremely musical sound that gets beyond the mechanics of playback.

Shadow MK2 Line-Stage Preamplifier
Shadow MK2 Reference Preamplifier
Silhouette MK2 Reference Preamplifier
Reflection MK2 Integrated Amplifier
Spirit MK2 Stereo Amplifier
Shadow MK2 Stereo Amplifier
Silhouette MK2 Monoblocks
Spirit MK2 Monoblocks
Shaman MK2 Monoblocks
Nighthawk MK2 Integrated Amplifier
Osprey Integrated Amplifier
Raven Audio Capacitors (Pair)
Starting at $88