Shaman MK2 Monoblocks

Shaman MK2 Monoblocks

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Shaman MK2 Monoblocks

The brand new for 2016 top-of-the-line Shaman MK2 Monoblock vacuum tube amplifiers deliver a powerfully musical presentation with a mighty 300 watts per channel (a very conservative rating purposely) on tap - using the supplied OEM Svetlana 6550 power tubes.  With KT-150 power tubes the output wattage can easily exceed well over 400 watts per channel~!  And that is RAVEN AUDIO tube watts, which are way higher in speaker driver grab-and-control, mostly due to the extreme level of current and tight and extremely quick push - pull design that has so much more iron-fisted control than any solid state or amplifiers does, and several multiples more when compared to digital amplifiers that its not even worth discussing.

The power of this amplifier is just ruthless.  The air space between instruments due to the extreme head-room created when placed into almost any truly high end system will be absolutely massive.  The human elements of emotion and special performance are felt rather than heard.  Even some of the most difficult speakers in the world are so easily controlled with these amplifiers that they will deliver so much emotion that you will wonder what type of magic is being dealt here.  

These amplifiers are NOT designed for use with ultra-high sensitivity speakers... but even some of the better designs out there, some with mid 90dB ratings from the some of the better speaker designers will indeed be able to deliver a shockingly real music performance.  With speakers rated in the 84-90dB range the mammoth Shaman MK2's will deliver a level of emotion that will not easily be believed.  

Since their introduction in April 2016 we have watched with much satisfaction their ability to completely stun and mesmerize listeners at our showroom and at the various audio shows.  And audio shows are notorious for being really bad venues for audio systems...  but not for the Shaman MK2's.  Place them in ANY venue and they will shine.  They will pour an emotional syrup over the listening audience that fills in all the gaps.  And that is precisely what this type of amplifier is designed to do.

The Shaman Reference Monoblock chassis are machined-from-solid-billet aerospace aluminum plates with solid-bronze corner posts.  Construction is maintained with high grade stainless-steel screws throughout. The adjustable chrome plated stainless steel ball footers insulate and isolate the amplifiers and tubes for a better sonic response which is freer of conductive resonances, also avoiding scratches on your fine furniture.  A note however, these chassis are almost 100 pounds, so wood furniture should be protected with tempered glass, marble, or some other protection before using it as a stand for these beasts!

This is the current Raven Audio flagship mono amplifier.  It is shocking in it's pure power and driver control, able to create extremely black backgrounds, and extremely wide and deep sound-staging.  There really is nothing out there like them, nothing that can exceed the performance of this amplifier that we are aware of and so we completely guarantee that statement.  If you purchase this amplifier pair, you will not be able to find another product that can be called "better" and it's just that simple.  This is the pinnacle of home stereo amplification on this planet...  "done-deal, game-over, the search is complete".... guaranteed.

The Shaman MK2.0 Monoblocks are all hand-wired point-to-point - with a special blend of silver-plated PTFE-coated conductors, antique and current manufactured wiring, silver and copper buss bars and a power supply like none other on earth.  In the pursuit of ultimate sound Raven uses three types of solder - at least...  and several completely proprietary components/parts that are not going to be available anywhere else.  And THAT is why this performance is occurring.  Great planning, great design, and wonderful construction is what this is all about.  So...  welcome to the high end's pinnacle.  Welcome to the Raven Audio Shaman MK2 Monoblock.

Raven Audio amplifiers are made with quality parts like the phenomenal proprietary RavenCap - which nobody else has unless they get it from us, and a mixture of other great capacitors too like Mundorf, Dueland and MIT-RTX capacitors and in-house designed proprietary Hammond transformers allied with classic tubes like Telefunkens, Valvo, Tung Sol, Seimens, Amprex, Sylvania, RCA, Philips, GE, National, KenRad and Tungsram along with even more.  As well as the supplied Svetlana 6550 power tubes, the Shaman MK2.0 Monoblock Amplifiers also take KT88, KT90, KT100, KT120 and KT150 power tubes. These Raven Audio mono amplifiers are fully class A auto-biased; the user never has to adjust tubes for a perfect match.  Of course it is always best to use a matched octet so the amplifier doesn't always have to work to keep the match perfect.  It can best use its full power to make music instead!

The Shaman MK2.0 Monoblocks weigh in at approximately 96 pounds for each chassis and they're milled from solid 3/4"-thick billet aluminum. The final 5/8"-thick panels are used to completely surround the exterior of the electronics and dampen external acoustic and electronic interference. The inner mounting panels are damped mounting shelves of 5/32"-thick aircraft-grade aluminum. The massive output and electrical control transformers are a special design manufactured specifically for SE Han of Raven Audio by Hammond Manufacturing...  an association that has been going on for over 4 decades.

Besides sounding wonderful, Raven Audio products have a sumptuous look and feel that oozes high-end heirloom level quality.

Features and Specifications

  • Output: 350-390wpc (depending upon power tube chosen)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Input terminals: Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA
  • Speaker terminals: 4 and 8 ohm
  • Recommended speaker sensitivity: 82dB - 90dB
  • Dimensions: W 15" x D 24" x H 11"
  • Weight: 90lbs

Tube Complement per Chassis

  • 1 x 12J5 - First Stage Amplifier
  • 1 x 12SN7 - Phase Inverter
  • 1 x 12SN7 - Driver Tube/Cathode Follower
  • 8 x 6550 Svetlana (OEM supplied) or Optional
    KT88/KT90/KT100/KT120/KT150 - Power Tubes
  • Fully Auto-Biased With a First Rate Hammond Interstage Transformer