Silhouette MK2 Monoblocks

Silhouette MK2 Monoblocks

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Silhouette Reference Monoblocks

Many audiophiles looking for that special connection with their music prefer monoblock amplifiers as both channels are completely separated from each other – power supplies, transformers, the entire signal path. As a result monoblock amplifiers are generally quieter with blacker backgrounds that offer an enhanced sense of image palpability. The mighty Silhouette Reference Monoblocks deliver a powerfully musical presentation with 100wpc on tap. The Spirit 300B Reference stereo chassis is machined-from-solid-billet aluminum with solid-bronze corner posts, brass trim and stainless-steel screws. Chrome ball footers isolate the amplifiers and tubes for better sound while avoiding scratches on your fine furniture.

The Silhouette Reference Monoblocks are all hand-wired point-to-point with silver-plated PTFE-coated conductors. In the pursuit of ultimate sound Raven uses three types of solder and a 99.999% pure-copper buss bar.

Raven Audio amplifiers are made with quality parts like V-Cap, Mundorf, MIT-RTX capacitors and Hammond transformers allied with classic tubes like Telefunkens, Valvo, Tung Sol, Seimens, Amprex, Sylvania, RCA, Philips, GE, National, KenRad and Tungsram. As well as supplied 6550s the Silhouette Reference Monoblocks also take KT88, KT90, KT100 and KT120 power tubes. All Raven Audio and amplifiers are auto-biased; the user never has to adjust tubes for a perfect match.

Raven Audio tube components bring the added dimensions of emotion and excitement, a nearness to the music that makes everything breathtakingly real. The clarity, air, soundstaging, sheer palpability and smooth frequency response allows listeners to easily suspend disbelief and fall into the music in a completely visceral way.

Besides sounding wonderful, Raven Audio products have a sumptuous look and feel.

Features and Specifications

  • Output: 100wpc
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Input terminals: Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA
  • Speaker terminals: 4 and 8 ohm
  • Recommended speaker sensitivity: 84dB - 96dB
  • Dimensions: W 11.5" x D 19.75" x H 9.5"
  • Weight: 68lbs

Tube Complement per Chassis

  • 2 x 12J5 - First stage amplifier/phase inverter
  • 2 x 12SN7/12SX7 - Driver tube/cathode follower
  • 2 x 12SN7/12SX7 - Auto biasing
  • 4 x 6550 (supplied) or optional
    KT88/KT90/KT100/KT120KT150 - Power tubes
  • Auto-biased power tubes, interstage transformer