Raven Audio combines the best of classic tube design with leading-edge technology, materials and composites to achieve a wideband, engaging, fulfilling and musical sound.

Vacuum Tubes

Many audio enthusiasts agree that tubes communicate music more completely, in a more natural and involving way. This may be a result of the linearity or continuousness of electrons flowing in a vacuum rather than the on/off switching nature of transistors. Depending on the Raven amplifier you select our customers may choose KT-88, KT-90, KT-100,  KT-120, KT-150, 6550 or 300B output tubes from Philips, GE, National, KenRad and Tungsram. To fly even higher, enhance your Raven Audio experience with NOS (New Old Stock) 6550s by RCA, Sylvania, GE, or possibly even the revered Tung Sol if available.

Build Quality

Raven Audio chassis are machined-from-solid-billet aluminum with solid-bronze corner posts, brass trim and stainless-steel screws. Chrome ball footers isolate the amplifiers and tubes for better sound while avoiding scratches on your fine furniture.

Raven employs a unique blend of the highest-quality classic and modern copper and silver-plated PTFE-coated copper conductors wired point-to-point with five different grades and types of solder! Amplifiers use 99,999%-pure copper buss bars, and while there are printed circuit boards in our more cost-effective products they're of uniformly high quality. 

Raven Audio tube components bring the added dimensions of emotion and excitement, a nearness to the music that makes everything breathtakingly real. The clarity, air, soundstaging, sheer palpability and smooth frequency response allows listeners to easily suspend disbelief and fall into the music in a completely visceral way.