Flexibility of Spea...

Flexibility of Speaker Cables  


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21/05/2019 9:19 am  


How flexible are your Soniquil speaker cables?  It's hard to tell from the pictures how thick they are and of course there's no way of knowing how flexible they are.  Thanks.


P.S. I am curious how you derived the name...Should it be obvious?  Not to me anyway.

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21/05/2019 10:10 pm  

Hey Joe,


The speaker cables are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. YES, they are very flexible. As for the name, that's Dave (our founder's) department. The name Soniquil is a combination of the word "Sonic" and "quill" as in a feather. Being Raven Audio means we try and use names related to birds as often as possible. Hope you like it.

You should order a set of cables and give them a try! I know you'd love them.

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