My nighthawk  


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10/06/2019 2:26 pm  

Thanks to you guys after listening to many intergraded  amps just love my nighthawk.This has become my favorite piece in my system Dave did a great job matching the tubes for the music that I like. So glad I gave it a listen. Keith

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11/06/2019 7:59 am  

Really glad you love your Nighthawk. I had been a solid state guy most of my life until I heard a Raven Audio Blackhawk at another amplifier manufacturers office. That's right, I was at another VERY popular Solid State amp designers office and he had one of Dave's Blackhawks. He turned it on and I was amazed. I had never heard anything so smooth and full of life. He raved about the tube amps Dave was building. Needless to say... I had to have one.

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