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New to Tube Amps  


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17/02/2021 11:40 am  

Hi folks.  Joe here. Glad to be jumping in here with ya'll.  I'm more of a stereophile than an audiophile, still have my gear from 1980-82 so I've wondered all these years...have I been missing out on something?  I imagine so.  My receivers from Pioneer, Sony and Kenwood work just fine today, so 40 years and still going strong.  Love that vintage gear, sound, and look. But Raven integrated (and another competitor) have caught my eye and I'll pull the trigger very soon on a forever setup with 4 ohm speakers.   Original speakers still in play from that era as well!  Decisions must be made soon and I hope to enjoy the tube sound by the middle of March!

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17/02/2021 1:23 pm  

Hey Joe,

Welcome to the group! I also have quite a bit of "vintage" audio gear from years past and have truly enjoyed it all. Once I began getting introduced to the audiophile world, my eyes and my ears especially were opened to a whole new world of musicality. This was especially true with my first experience listening to Raven tube amps.

Previously, my background was in commercial recording studios where the sound was rather sterile. I had many different solid-state amps and always felt like "an amp is just an amp". I'll never forget the first time I sat down and listened to a tube amp... the music seemed to just jump out of the speakers. The sound stage was enveloping with incredible instrument separation and the vocals were lifelike and perfectly placed up front and center of everything.

Needless to say... I was ruined! From that day on I'v been a tube guy. 

Good luck on your journey. You've started in a really great place as Raven makes some of the finest tube amps in the world.

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22/02/2021 1:41 pm  

Hi Joe. I'm also new to tube amps. I took the plunge and received the Nighthawk MKIII.1 in mid January. Looked for several months and after talking to Bryant Wilson and James Connell I felt confident in my decision to test the Nighthawk. They answered all my uneducated questions about the amp without making me feel I was, shall I put it, wasting their time. I have since talked and emailed James on several occasions. They seem to be very accessible even after the sale.  As Raven Dave says you become part of the "Raven Family". I sure feel that is true.
   I have paired the Nighthawk with Klipsch Heresy IV speakers, Bluesound Node 2i streamer, Schiit Bifrost2 dac, Pro-Ject X1 turntable with Sumiko Moonstone cartridge, Cambridge Alva Duo phono preamp, DH Labs Silver Sonic D-750 digital coaxial cable and a pair of Raven Soniquil RCA interconnects. I'm very pleased with what I've been hearing as the tubes and amp break in.  The Nighthawk has brought me many hours of pleasure during this Pandemic. The best stereo system I've ever owned.  Thank You Raven Audio!

   Oh, bye the way, this is my first post in the community. Hi, Everyone... If you decide on a Raven product and it doesn't work out , they do have a 45 day return window. Mine is NOT going back.. That's confidence...
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