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20/11/2018 2:10 am  

Hello Friends

Just quickly introducing myself. I am really happy to be in this forum. The great Dave had adviced me on and eventually sold me a beautiful Nighthawk back in September 2014. After three hundred or so emails answering my questions, he assembled the right set up and paired her with a wonderful pre-amp and shipped her all the way to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. And guess what, I never looked back. a bot over 4 years with my Nighthawk, she has become one of my greatest loves in live. She is still running hot and I cannot get enough of her. She is playing through my records like there is no tomorrow. I have moved to London and now back to Amsterdam and she has been a loyal companian all the way through. I cannot imagine a live without her. Thanks Dave for everything! Anyone else, let me know if you have questions and if want to know more about why I like her so much!


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22/11/2018 9:51 pm  

Hello Markus!

Glad to hear you are still in love with your Nighthawk.  She may be the most travelled Nighthawk in Europe/UK right now - having tripped across the channel twice!  Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.


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23/12/2018 5:22 pm  


What speakers are you using with the Nighthawk?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas,


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19/02/2019 12:05 am  

I LOVE this picture actually.

I cannot really tell, can you...   Markus owns one of the original Nighthawks.  Technically a MK1.  Great amp, no remote on that one.  Very basic and very clean circuit.  I still have one hidden back too, and NOBODY is ever getting that one....  maybe someday it'll be a museum piece.   LOL   

Maybe you can tell what speakers they are?

Thanks again Markus.


Markus' Raven Audio Nighthawk Setup

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