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Nighthawk Mk3


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Well where do i start ,ever since receiving my Nighthawk mk3 amp its been glorious!Thanks to James coming over to deliver and set up the amp with my other components,its been great how it has actually brought out the sound performance of my digital and analog gear.Since then i have built up my vinyl collection and have a hard time deciding between cds or vinyl playback, the soundstage and the almost live sound of having the muscians in your living room .Iam very happy and satisfied with the performance of the Nighthawk and would highly recommend Ravens line of Avian amps My other gear Rega- P3 turntable Nagaoka 110 cartridge Croft phono tube amp Rega Apollo cd player Audiolab dac Rel subwoofer Klipsch Hearsesy 3 Audioquest cabling