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Raven Audio CeLest' Loudspeakers Win Their First Award!


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Here is the link to the Part Time Audiophile Review of the new Raven Audio CeLest' Loudspeaker!   

This speaker is the "sleeper" in the 2020 market these days.  Of course that will not last for long as the audio world finally wakes up to them.  From the authentic Steinway finish to the very well built ultra-high quality MDF cabinetry, they are outfitted with the best quality drivers and tweeters available at this price point.  The CeLest' tower delivers a highly accurate, tight, lightning fast high quality musical presentation with huge deep tight bass slam that literally jumps out at you.  The uber-realistic midrange, and delicately beautiful upper end extension that very few other speakers deliver at any price, much less below $5,000 and has therefore been granted its first award.

Read John Richardson's professional review of this speaker, its first, HERE

Thank You John~!

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