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Capital Audiofest 2019 - Raven Audio Room Review


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The Raven Audio room was buzzing the entire weekend! We had literally hundreds of folks come through the room and enjoy the Raven Audio sound. One of the best moments of the show was seeing over and over how people just couldn't believe the huge sound we achieved with our entry-level system.

Inevitably people would say... "that's the big system right? (referring to our Corvus Towers and Elite Amps)". We'd just smile and say "No, you're listening to the Nighthawk MK3 Integrated amp at 20 watts with CeLest' Tower speakers." Their jaw would drop and then they would get up and walk around the room trying to find the subwoofer. 

The other jaw-dropper was when we explained that this system was less than $7,000 for the speakers and integrated amp. 

Check out this system here... Avian Nighthawk MK3,CeLest Tower Speakers



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