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Tubes for The Echo prototype.  


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19/04/2020 11:05 am  

Hey Dave. I acquired The Echo from Andy Rothman, a good friend of mine you may remember, about 2 years ago. I couldn’t be happier. I will probably never change it. I suspect I might need to replace tubes some time in the future and am wondering what you recommend.  Also just curious, which of your current amps is most comparable to The Echo?  I believe it’s 55w, correct?

 Thanks again for a great product 

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19/04/2020 3:27 pm  


When I sold that to Andy I thought he was going to ship it back when he was ready for a newer amp, or at least that's what I thought the agreement was.  No worries though...  I love Andy and his wife.  Did he tell you I drove all the way to Florida from north of Houston just to meet him!?   That was a few years back before Raven Audio started growing.

The tubes in that amp should last for decades actually, but I happen to have hundreds of really great preamp tubes in stock now that are MUCH better than what I had back in those years.  So you should call me when you are ready and we'll talk about that.  The Echo was the prototype for the Eagle and Golden Eagle.  We've been sold out of those for months now.  We've been too busy to make the MK3 version of them, but as soon as this virus works its way through and everyone is safe again God willing...   we will start working on the new Eagles.

I believe that amp tested at about 48 watts per channel with 6550's in it.  It has bias boards inside that allows you to change the settings to use KT 120's and KT 150's and get up to 80 watts per channel out of them.  I have it dialed way back so the power tubes will last a LONG LONG time.  I'd be surprised if you don't get another decade out of them.  I think I gave Andy a set of the rare 6550C "Winged =C=" made in St. Petersburg, Russia back in 2012 or so.  

If you can find those they are the absolute best of the new 6550 type power tubes.  But let me know first.  There are now thousands of "seconds" around on Ebay being sold as authentic.  They were supposed to destroy the ones that didn't pass the quality tests, but you know how the Russians (or many other humans) are...   they took them home and hid them.  They sell the seconds for about $600-700 per quad.  They are crap actually and can die early.  Now the real authentic =C= can sell for about $180 apiece, IF they are the real ones.

You can also drop any KT120 or KT150 in it and you will have a great new sound.  Please don't try Chinese tubes in that rare and historic amplifier.  It is a one-of-a-kind very historic Raven Audio museum piece.  I know how good that amp is, I made it for myself with the original designer.  When the Eagles come back out that is the amp that came from your prototype.  The Eagles are 50wpc, and the Golden Eagles are about 75wpc.

Of course the incredible Elite Series Reflection MK2 is also a derivative of the little Echo.  That amp was a trend-setter.  Nothing short of $15-20K can touch it, unless of course it is another Raven Audio amp.  Call me anytime if you want to talk about it or anything else.  Thanks so much for contacting us and letting us know the Echo is alive and well and being enjoyed.  Also know that I will take her off your hands ANY TIME, ANY DAY~!!!   One of these days we would like to put it back into the Raven Audio museum here in Chita, Texas.

Welcome to the Raven Audio family!  I am at dave@ravenaudio.com  Send me an email sometime and we can talk personally.

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