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Fabulous Amperex ECC81/12AT7 - Now in Stock~!


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Here is another gem of a tube.  These tubes, matched in the 1960's by the Amperex tube manufacturing company - were made in Japan on Amperex and Seimens tooling.  Some of the best tubes in history were actually made by the Matsushita company, which was partially owned (34%) by the Philips company starting in 1953.  These were some of the best 12AT7 tube types ever made, purchased and rebranded by: Amperex, Philips, Mullard, Marconi, Telefunken, GE, RCA, Sylvania, CBS, and many others.

We got really lucky on these and can offer them for a very reasonable price, considering how they sound - only a few other tubes can be actually considered to be better sounding than these.  They are similar in sound to the 60's era Valvo, Telefunken and Seimens.  They are all NOS untouched perfect and test over 100%.

IMG 3518
IMG 3517
IMG 3516
IMG 3515
Amperex ECC81 12AT7 Japan Mullard Machines b
Amperex ECC81 12AT7 Japan Mullard Machines a
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