XLR Balanced Interconnects

From Raven Audio

Connecting your gear with the best possible interconnects ensures the integrity of your listening experience.  Raven's new line of XLR Balanced cables delivers a high-level audiophile grade experience at an incredible value. Raven's XLR interconnects are reference grade signal transfer cables. Our proprietary winding geometry reduces inductance and capacitance resulting in exceptional performance.

When you experience the new Raven interconnects, you'll hear an extremely low noise floor characterized by a sound that encapsulates a detailed soundstage, ambient retrieval and a tonal balance in every recording. They do not change or alter the signal in any perceivable way. 



Features and Specifications

Cable Length: 2M

Cable Diameter: 10mm

Cable Material: 99.9% Pure Oxygen Free Copper

External Covering: Black / Silver

*Sold in Pairs