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Soniquil XLR Interconnects

Soniquil XLR Balanced Interconnect Cables

by Raven Audio

Premium XLR interconnect cables for audio components that allow your system to reach its full performance capacity with zero compromises. Soniquil XLR interconnects deliver pristine signal purity.  The rejection of interference is ensured through extremely high build quality and design. Soniquil users report experiencing a deeper sound stage and greater musical definition. This cable provides a worthy upgrade to even the most discerning systems.



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Are you on the fence about whether or not a Raven Audio cable can truly make a difference in your sound? We understand your concern. The best way to know is to try our cables in your system and hear for yourself. We're so confident that you'll love the sound, we'll give you 45 days to use the cables. If you decide you're not in love, just send them back for a full refund, minus shipping. Click here for details.

Audiophile Connectors

Rhodium-plated brass connectors expertly soldered to a high-grade 99.99% oxygen-free copper wire is an essential feature to Raven’s Soniquil cables.

Multi-layer Dielectric Insulation

Our cables are well made with multilayer dielectric insulation which helps to reject all RF and electromagnetic interference. This ensures that signal purity is maintained under all conditions. It’s not just good enough to have a great signal flow, it’s equally important to make sure you’re not picking up anything unwanted.

Extremely Low Resistance

Audio engineers know that low resistance is the single most important factor in delivering an unaltered signal from one component to another. Our cables were designed with this in mind and boy do they deliver.

Hand-Crafted Build Quality

Like all Raven Audio products, our cables are built by expert craftsmen trained to produce the finest workmanship. From computer CNC connectors and special element plating to hand soldering every connection,  Soniquil cables are made to last a lifetime.

Beautiful Design

Soniquil audio cables are elegant and beautiful. While designed to have an integrated look with all Raven Audio products they are neutral in color presentation and visually match most any audio component. Soniquil cables are sure to elevate both the look and sound of your system.

As the Audiophile market has grown, cable manufacturers have introduced high-quality cabling designed to elevate the listening experience. Cable manufacturers, like any business looking to grow, have searched for ways to differentiate their products and develop deeper revenue streams. This has caused some companies to make unbelievable promises of electronic audio miracles sprinkled with fairy dust (and charge $$$$). We’re sure you’ve seen cables that fit this description.  Furthermore, many of these products are designed to change the sound by engineering anomalies to increase bass for “more thump” or supposedly reduce mid-bass for “more clarity”. This is simply, audio foolery at best. We believe that no one should have cables that shape their sound.

Raven Audio has crafted a line of high-quality cables that promise to deliver true unadulterated audio pass-through at a more than fair price. “No Fairy Dust Included”

Features and Specifications

Cable Length: 1.0 Meter, 2 Meter, 3 Meter

Cable Diameter: 10mm

Cable Material: 99.9% Pure Oxygen Free Copper

External Covering: Black /Tan Highlights

*Sold as a pair. (This includes one Left XLR + one Right XLR)

1 review for Soniquil XLR Interconnect Cables

  1. Apogeefanatic (verified owner)

    I purchased 6 pairs of 1.5-meter XLR interconnects to complete my system. I was initially hesitant that such an affordable cable could make a significant impact. However, the 45-day guarantee was more than enough to give them a try. After setup and a reasonable break-in, I’m pleased to report that they transformed my system with a new tightness and detail to the sound that I was not fully aware of, highs were detailed but not etched and the mid-range was flat out soothing with wonderful vocal clarity. In addition, a hum that I’ve experienced for a long time was basically nullified. That was a huge bonus. I highly recommend Soniquil interconnects!

    Apogee Studio Grand full range ribbons with Active DAX
    Krell KSA-300S and W4S SX-1000R Monoblocks
    Mark Levinson No. 380S Pre
    Schitt Audio Yggdrasil DAC w/Kimber Illuminati D60 cable
    Aurender N100H server with .8m Curious Cable USB cable
    Sony XA7ES CD transport via SPDIF connection
    Tice Powerblock Signature IIIC with HP option
    Kimber Monocle XL with High Fidelity CT-1 Level 2 jumpers
    Raven Audio Soniquil AC Power & XLR audio cables

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