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"Here I am right now, listening to the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE . . . and the sound just floats around me . . . the vocals are as pure as pure can be, uber realistic and haunting. This sound is BEAUTIFUL and does indeed beat my $10,000 McIntosh MA-8000 when it comes to that sound. In fact, I would say that if you were looking for a great tube integrated, I have never heard any better up to $6500 and it sounds VERY similar to the Audio Research VSi75 that comes in at nearly $10k, but with more authority."

Steve Huff

Steve Huff Photo

"I'm one of those listeners who believe there exist, among amplifiers, many different paths to glory—yet who has a special place in his heart for low-power, push-pull tube amps, especially monoblocks. A number of such models have impressed me over the years, and the realistically bold-sounding Raven Spirit Mk2 Monoblock has earned its place among them. Given that the Spirit Mono, even at $13,990/pair, is among the very better values in this heady field, and that Dave Thomson, like Leonard Cohen, is a man still working for your smile, I believe that this Raven deserves more than a second look and listen."

Art Dudley

Stereophile Magazine

"The Cirrus, based on its beautiful rendering of both color and space, is a music lover's type of preamplifier. When mated with either tube or solid-state amplifiers and a variety of musical genres, the Cirrus always just got out of the way of what the amplifier was doing. However, it provided what great tube-based preamplifiers provide--which is more "flesh on the bones," giving individual players a lifelike palpability, along with a more realistic tonality and color than any solid-state-based preamplifiers can provide."

Terry London


"Comparing the new Nighthawk MK2 to the Blackhawk Limited Edition is a close task. The Blackhawk and Nighthawk are both excellent amplifiers, almost like two slightly different flavours cut from the same cake, one just ends up with a little more icing~! The Blackhawk features the same build with the addition of Tokyo Ko-on and antique NOS Allen Bradley resistors, and then there's the RavenCap audio capacitors! So they have a little more of punch and delineation to the instruments and vocals. Not necessarily better, just different. Quite different!"

Matej Isak

Mono & Stereo

"All Raven gear shares something in common, and that is the ability to reproduce music in such a way that it never fails to put a smile on your face and let you relax as the music washes over you. There is something intrinsically "right" about the sound of Raven gear..."

Mark Pearson

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