Your music takes flight on the wings of Raven Audio

The best solid-state and tube amplifiers now sound closer together than ever. Raven Audio combines the best of qualities of classic tube design with contemporary technology, materials and composites to achieve a wideband, engaging, fulfilling, extremely musical sound that gets beyond the mechanics of playback. The mechanics of playback? It takes an enormous amount of work to go from the wall receptacle to your speakers.

Raven Audio preamplifiers and amplifiers tie everything together so the listener easily suspends disbelief and fall into the music in an absolutely visceral way. You'll hear with your ears with the added dimensions of emotion and excitement, a nearness to the music that makes everything breathtakingly real. Even if you're not in front of the stereo you'll be moved by music in a very satisfying way.

New York Audio Show | November 10-12 | Park Lane Hotel | Tickets On Sale Now! | We'll Be There

Ultra High End Electronics Show

Raven Audio Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and the rest of the Worlds Best Stereo Systems all in one show - in Downtown New York City - on Park Avenue no less!
What an event~!!!

  • Best Tube Integrated For Under $6500 - Yep, That's What I Said.

    So here I am, with an all tube, made in the USA integrated, and its beating my $10,000 McIntosh in sound. Now, it's not HUGE but when a little affordable amp like the Raven can beat a McIntosh statement piece in SOUND, then it has my head thinking... "what do the higher end Raven amps sound like!?!?!?

    Steve Huff Hi-Fi Reviews
    • Steve Huff
  • One Of The Finest American Audio Companies

    I believe that Dave Thomson and his company, Raven Audio, have now attained a position as one of the finest American audio companies that is manufacturing tube-based equipment on today's market. Each piece of Raven equipment is built with the finest materials, craftsmanship, and innovative design, no matter if it's the least expensive entry-level product or an Elite Series design.

    • Terry London
  • 2015 Award For Best Tube Integrated Amplifier Under $3,000

    After several weeks of auditioning the Nighthawk MK2, I can say that it is musical, natural sounding, easy to operate, and has a major "coolness factor" with its array of glowing tubes. With the right speakers, you will never feel you lack power and you just might pull out some music that you shelved because the recordings sounded harsh.

    • Jim Milton
    • Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
  • I Am Hearing What I Never Knew Was There. Totally Amazing!

    I am totally blown away by the Nighthawk. The warmth and clarity is astonishing. I have had my vinyl collection for forty years, and had numerous amps to listen to. But listening to my vinyl now is like listening to it for the first time. I am hearing what I never knew was there. Totally amazing!

    • Don Cameron
    • Raven Audio Customer
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