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My Favorite Recordings #1  

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25/07/2020 9:14 pm  

If this doesn't move you - you may be muerta...   One of the most multi-talented singers to ever exist.  Her complete control of her craft within any type/style of music is/was phenomenal.  Not to mention that she is so incredibly beautiful, which matters little compared to her vocal talent of course.  But still...  thank God we got to experience her in our lifetimes, and that there are so many wonderful recordings of her at her peak - which was pretty much non-stop for well over 25 years.

People know her for her rock and roll, country and folk songs...   but that is only a small portion of the incredible and uniquely beautiful recordings she left us.  When she finally gained full control, the perfectionist in her always showed.  Thank God she got to do pretty much whatever she wanted - though she had to fight the labels tooth and nail for approval at first.  Later on when she said "I want to..." they just got out of her way thankfully.


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