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Soniquil Power Cables


Power Cable

by Raven Audio

Are you using a $5.99 computer cable to power your HiFi rig? A power cable’s quality should be determined by its ability to deliver current (continuously and instantaneous) and its ability to deal with the EMI (electromagnetic interference) effects of the components to which it is attached. The Soniquil power cables are the final piece of gear you need to achieve musical playback bliss.



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Are you on the fence about whether or not a Raven Audio cable can truly make a difference in your sound? We understand your concern. The best way to know is to try our cables in your system and hear for yourself. We're so confident that you'll love the sound, we'll give you 45 days to use the cables. If you decide you're not in love, just send them back for a full refund, minus shipping. Click here for details.

Why does a power cable matter?

 All of the wire and connectors in the electrical circuit can and do affect the performance of a component's power supply. The power cable is not the last six feet, it is the first six feet and the single most important link in the electrical circuit of your audio gear. Current itself cannot be contaminated but, the electromagnetic wave can be modulated with other frequencies from any number of pieces of equipment in your listening environment including cable and satellite systems to internet modems to cell phones and WiFi. When electromagnetic interference occurs, sonic quality is affected.

The Soniquil power cables help your audio component deliver the best sound stage, dynamic power, and tonal balance possible by blocking electromagnetic interference and delivering full current capacity to the power supply.

Raven cables are made from 99.9% extremely pure oxygen free copper combined with high-quality rhodium-plated connectors and an expertly designed EMI shield.

Audiophile Connectors

Rhodium plated connectors with high purity, 99.99% oxygen free copper wire.

Extremely High Rejection of EMI

Electromagnetic Interference is an enemy of power supplies in audio equipment. Through well thought out engineering and the use of proper materials, Raven’s Soniquil power cables are highly resistant to EMI.

Continuous and Instantaneous Current

The ability to deliver current both continuous and instantaneously is key in allowing audio equipment power supplies to operate at full specification. Many cables use wire that is either undersized or use connectors that are attached in such a way to add resistance to the circuit. Soniquil Cables use heavy-duty low-gauge wire with great attention to the assembly.

Beautiful Design

Soniquil cables are elegant and beautiful. While designed to have an integrated look with all Raven Audio products they are neutral in color presentation and visually match most any audio component. Soniquil cables are sure to elevate both the look and sound of your system.

As the Audiophile market has grown, cable manufacturers have introduced high-quality cabling designed to elevate the listening experience. Cable manufacturers, like any business looking to grow, have searched for ways to differentiate their products and develop deeper revenue streams. This has caused some companies to make unbelievable promises of electronic audio miracles sprinkled with fairy dust (and charge $$$$). We’re sure you’ve seen cables that fit this description.  Furthermore, many of these products are designed to change the sound by engineering anomalies to increase bass for “more thump” or supposedly reduce mid-bass for “more clarity”. This is simply, audio foolery at best. We believe that no one should have cables that shape their sound.

Raven Audio has crafted a line of high-quality cables that promise to deliver true unadulterated audio pass-through at a more than fair price. “No Fairy Dust Included”

Features and Specifications

Cable Length: 1.5 Meter, 2 Meter, 3 Meter
Cable Diameter: 16mm
Cable Material: 99.9% Pure Oxygen Free Copper

Specifications: 125V, 15A; 10 AWG
Max Input: <5500W
External Covering: Black / Tan Highlights

*Sold as (1) single cable

3 reviews for Soniquil Power Cables

  1. Apogeefanatic (verified owner)

    I purchased (five) 1.5m individual Soniquil power cables. after the initial break in, I sat for an intensive listening session with my audiophile neighbor. We listened to a variety of Classical piano, various well recorded Al Dimeola guitar pieces along with a nice mix of lovely sounding Steely Dan. Mahler’s 5th symphony was also included as well to get a feeling of scale and soundstage. Within a few minutes, we were floored at how these low-priced cables impressed us with their black background, dynamic leading edge detail and ease at which they effortlessly produced an accurate portrayal of these wonderful recorded CD’s and streamed sources. Very hard to believe these good looking Soniquil power cables could enhance my system at such a reasonable cost. The Soniquil power cables easily provided the current needed to power every component with control as well as finesse and portray a sound window of complete clarity. The connectors fit tight on both ends from wall to the component, thus no sagging.

    I am at a loss to explain how these very reasonable cost cables could produce such a wonderfully harmonic improvement to my system. This is a dream come true for those audiophiles working on a limited budget who would rather direct their funds on components opposed to cables.

  2. Michael Ramsey (verified owner)

    My home system includes an Emotiva PT-100 preamp, a Project Debut Carbon turntable with a Schitt Mani phono preamp and an Ortofon Blue cartridge. and a pair of 3-way speakers that feature 15” woofers that are very hard to drive. I’ve been using a Crown 1502 Class D power amp that delivers 300 watts or channel, and it drives the speakers great.

    I recently decided to add a set of Raven Audio Soniquil RCA interconnects and I did notice a difference in resolution, but nothing too dramatic.
    Then I ordered a Soniquil power cable for the Crown power amp. Wow!

    When I first hooked it up, I immediately noticed the soundstage seemed 3 times as wide, and the separation was incredible!! Thinking I was imagining some of the improvements, I switched back to the stock cable. The difference between the two was immediately obvious. At higher volumes, I noticed a definite muscularity that was not there before.

    Needless to say, I’m definitely keeping the power cable and RCA’s in my setup!! Now to order some Soniquil speaker cables…

  3. Eduke1955 (verified owner)

    I want to say how impressed I am by the Soniquil interconnects and power cable. I’m using both on my CD player streamer/DAC, and the sound is better than the “twice the price” cables they replaced. The build quality is very impressive and the locking RCA plugs work perfectly. In the near future, I look forward to auditioning the CeLest’ Tower Speakers!

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